Isn’t it funny….

Relationships are one of the hardest pieces about adult life. No longer are you allowed to stomp your foot, stick your tongue out, and run away screaming when things aren’t going your way. As an adult there are much higher expectations on how you handle your anger, frustration, or fears. We are not able to … More Isn’t it funny….

This is a what?

I’ll never forget my first job working at a YMCA, I was the 17 year old girl who sat behind the counter selling tickets to use the pool in dry hot Las Vegas, basically I sold happiness to all the children who didn’t have a pool and could find relief from the 115 degree heat. … More This is a what?


The past few months I’ve been in a bit of a quandary, its one I frequent every 8 to 12 months. Its not something I enjoy nor is it something I feel I should still be asking myself, cause there are should police every where right? (kidding!) My recurring issue I face is one I can totally … More Lately….

No carpet…

Well, the carpet didn’t come today, it is rescheduled for Monday. The plus side to this is we were compensated the price of the instal, so in essence we made money today. We decided to use the day to go cabinet shopping since we weren’t going to be setting up rooms. We have our cabinets … More No carpet…


This week I feel like I was a bit lazy…I did hours of painting, but still have hours more to go. Rusty was out of town so all I really could do was paint. I attempted to program our gate with a clicker to I don’t have to get out of my car every time … More Lazy

We own a farm house!

In the past 19 days we completely packed up our old house, officially sold our lovely brand new home,  had a wonderfully relaxing vacation with family is San Diego, struggled with wondering if we just made the biggest mistake of our lives, and officially bought our farm-house! Jam packed summer! There are many things I … More We own a farm house!